Conrad Goodwin

Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry

In LANL 2018

I'm Conrad, and I work at Los Alamos National Lab, in the Inorganic Isotope and Actinide Chemistry group, a part of the Chemistry Division (C-IIAC for short). I'm working to further our understanding of the f-block elements, and in particular the non-aqueous chemistry of trans-uranic elements (Np, Pu and beyond) with Dr Andrew Gaunt.

My interests include fundamental inorganic/organometallic synthetic methodology (solid-state and solution chemistry), understanding novel metal coordination geometries and unusual oxidation states, and investigating the link between metal coordination environments and electronic structure properties, in particular metal-ligand covalency and multiple bonding interactions.

I work with a range of national and international multidisciplinary collaborators to facilitate the characterisation of new complexes, and to elucidate electronic structures. Techniques used include SQUID magnetometry, EPR spectroscopy, UV-vis-nIR spectroscopy as well as advanced computational methodologies.

Winsor Trail 2018
Hiking is sort of a big thing in Los Alamos

Chemistry Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory,
Los Alamos, N.M.
Office: 48-208 e:
t: (505) 551-2837 | (505) 665-6931

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