Conrad Goodwin

Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry

In the botanical gardens at Terrae Rarae 2017

I'm Conrad, and I work at Los Alamos National Lab, in the Ionorganic Isiotope and Actinide Chemistry group, a part of the Chemistry Division (C-IIAC for short). I'm working to further our understanding of the f-block elements, and in particular the non-aqueous chemistry of trans-uranic elements (Np, Pu and beyond) with Dr Andrew Gaunt.

My interests include fundamental inorganic/organometallic synthetic methodology (solid-state and solution chemistry), understanding novel metal coordination geometries and unusual oxidation states, and investigating the link between metal environments and electronic structure properties, in particular magnetism (SMMs and Qubits) and metal-ligand covalency.

I work with a range of collaborators to facilitate the characterisation of new complexes, and to elucidate electronic structures. Techniques used include SQUID magnetometry, EPR spectroscopy, UV/VIs/nIR spectroscopy as well as advanced computational methodologies provided by working closely with a range of talented collaborators.

Winsor Trail 2018
Hiking is sort of a big thing in Los Alamos

School of Chemistry, The University of Manchester,
Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL, U.K.
Office: 5.63 | Lab: 5.52
t: +44(0)7545885848

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